The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy Poem by Dante Britannica The Divine Comedy The Divine Comedy, Italian La divina commedia, original name La commedia, long narrative poem written in Italian circa by Dante It is usually held to be one of the world s great works of literature. About The Divine Comedy Inferno CliffsNotes In other words, a comedy is not something one would laugh about, but an ascension from a low state of confusion to one where all people are combined for the greatest happiness The adjective Divi


Fontamara by Ignazio Silone Fontamara, Ignazio Silone Fontamara is a novel by the Italian author Ignazio Silone, written when he was a refugee from the Fascist Police in Davos, Switzerland Fontamara is a fictional small rural village in Marsica in the Abruzzo region. Fontamara Oct , Directed by Carlo Lizzani With Michele Placido, Ida Di Benedetto, Antonella Murgia, Imma Piro Fontamara is a village in the Marsica, forgotten by all but God and its inhabitants are called cafoni boors Berardo Vi