Paula Spencer

Paula Spencer Ten years after the bestselling The Woman Who Walked into Doors Roddy Doyle resurrects one of his greatest characters When Roddy Doyle published The Woman Who Walked into Doors in critics and r

  • Title: Paula Spencer
  • Author: Roddy Doyle
  • ISBN: 9780670038169
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ten years after the bestselling The Woman Who Walked into Doors, Roddy Doyle resurrects one of his greatest characters When Roddy Doyle published The Woman Who Walked into Doors in 1996, critics and readers alike hailed it as a tour de force of literary ventriloquism that captured both the vulnerability and strength of a thirty nine year old Dublin housewife with a fondneTen years after the bestselling The Woman Who Walked into Doors, Roddy Doyle resurrects one of his greatest characters When Roddy Doyle published The Woman Who Walked into Doors in 1996, critics and readers alike hailed it as a tour de force of literary ventriloquism that captured both the vulnerability and strength of a thirty nine year old Dublin housewife with a fondness for drink Now, Doyle triumphantly returns to Paula Spencer with the moving tale of her fight for a better future Paula is now almost forty eight years old Her abusive husband Charlo is long dead, and it s been four months and five days since she s had a drink Her youngest children, Jack and Leanne, are still living with her, but she worries about Leanne Paula continues to work as a cleaner, and the fridge is often half empty But for the first time in her life she is going to parent teacher meetings, and she s bought a CD player for the kitchen, where she surprises her sisters with her taste for U2 and The White Stripes Readers will root for Paula as she slowly begins to put her life back together She s even met a man at the bottle return he s nice, there s something steady about him Told with the unmistakable wit of his extraordinary voice, this is a redemptive tale that will have Doyle fans cheering.

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    One thought on “Paula Spencer”

    1. Having just finished Paula Spencer, it's only natural to compare it back to The Woman Who Walked Into Doors. While I think the earlier book is superior in terms of its artistry--perhaps simply because the second book is more of the same--I enjoyed reading this one more. The tension in the first book comes from an obvious place: Paula's struggle with her alcoholism and her abusive marriage. In this book, Doyle gives us a newly sober Paula fifteen years later and sets up a different tension. Now, [...]

    2. I am a huge fan of Roddy Doyle and ‘The Woman Who Walked into Doors’ so I couldn’t wait to get hold of its sequel ‘Paula Spencer’. To say I was disappointed would be a huge understatement. First off Roddy had abandoned the first person telling of the story which made Paula Spencer ‘s initial book so believable and the emotions so convincing. Also the third person story telling is chronological rather than the switching from the past to the present so that the story was not showing us [...]

    3. This one was also a quick read. I would say it's like revisiting a friend that you haven't seen in a good while and finding out that they aren't quite as interesting as you remembered. Perhaps it's the fact that there is no shock value, unlike The Woman Who Walked Into Doors. Still worth a read.

    4. Because I've never been an addict myself, or had to deal with anyone else's addiction in any meaningful way, it's always been sort of an abstract concept. I've viewed addiction in much the same way I viewed cancer before my mom was diagnosed with it in 1995 – as a horrible problem that must be terrible to live with but whose various indignities and anxieties never seemed all that real. But then someone you care about is diagnosed with it, and all the little details that you never had to think [...]

    5. Als ik geen tekstjes voor goddeau bedenk, geen dakpannen vervang, geen sollicitatiebrieven en cv’s in elkaar knutsel, geen al te luidrichtige lalflaminganten inmetsel in m’n kolossale, van vocht en alle andere ongemakken voorziene kelder (iemand trouwens al gemerkt dat er sinds het escaleren van “het Vlaamse hoofdstuk” haast geen kwaad woord meer te horen valt over onze allochtone medemens? de Vloaming is mits enig gepor en genoeg herhaling à la A Clockwork Orange werkelijk voor élke k [...]

    6. Shameful that it took me so long to read this book. I don't know how Doyle does it, but he consistently handles difficult topics with such humor and precision and brevity and grace. Paula's struggle to "recover" from alcoholism not only involves staying away from it despite a crazy strong urge to get it, it also includes her determination to educate herself and to face her fear of her own ignorance. Doyle unflinchingly presents scenes in which Paula dives under her daughter's bed (and she's in c [...]

    7. A fascinating look into the mind of an alcoholic woman who is dealing with the wreckage of her past. The apple never falls far from the tree. Two of her three kids are also battling addiction. One , a recovering heroin addict the other, a practicing alcoholic. Her thoughts consist of regret for the live she has provided for her children and what if anything she can do to win back their love and respect. She deals with everyday life through a new pair of glasses and yet it's sometimes hard to cle [...]

    8. Terrific book. Doyle is the master of capturing the dignity of characters who might otherwise seem off-putting. He gets all the little details of life and human interaction right--plus he's so funny! The main character here, Paula Spencer, is a former alcoholic who only recently stopped drinking. Her former husband (now dead) abused her for years. She is the mother of four mostly-grown kids, all of whom were damaged in some way. Sounds rather dreary, right? It's not at all. The book shows Paula [...]

    9. So far, this bit is sticking with me. "You can't leave things behind. They come with you. You can manage. That's the best you can expect. She manages." page 12 And as it happens, this remains the theme throughout. Not just for Paula, but her children, extended family, her neighborhood and beyond. To Ireland itself. The staccato writing style put me a bit off at first. But it is necessary in order to capture Paula herself. And her victories over her own life, which come haltingly at first. This i [...]

    10. A sequel to The Woman Who Walked into Doors. An excellent read. It came out probably 10 years after the first one so I went back and read the first one again and enjoyed it just as much the second time around and I've gone back and read them both back to back a couple more times. Roddy Doyle never disappoints but these two are my favourites of his.

    11. This is another great book by Roddy Doyle. It is a follow up to The Woman Who Walked into Doors and a vivid description of the recovery process. roddy is a master at creating characters and describing family dynamics.

    12. Like most of Doyle's work this makes for a very quick and easy read. Not my favourite of his works, would only really recommend it if you've read 'The Woman Who Walked into Doors' and are still curious about how Paula's life has turned out.

    13. Poor Paula Spencer. Doyle is the poet of the struggling class. The music of his sentences, the cadence of his dialog--he's masterful--and this is one of his best.

    14. Fun and fast novel from Doyle about Paula, star of The Woman Who Walked Into Doors. I did not read that one, but still enjoyed Paula Spencer quite a bit. Spencer is a recovering alcoholic who was abused by her husband, who's now dead. She's got two grown kids out of the house, and two still at home. Paula is barely keeping it together, fighting off the urge to drink and hustling off to her job cleaning offices and homes all over Dublin. Doyle also offers an interesting perspective on changing Du [...]

    15. Doyle heeft een immense liefde voor de 'kleine man', in dit geval 'de kleine vrouw.'Hij geeft de gedachten weer van Paula, kuisvrouw en weduwe, toont met veel inleving en respect haar zware strijd tegen wat haar geluk in de weg staat, en dat is niet min. Als je dit leest zal je niet meteen je vakantie naar Ierland boeken, Paula en haar kinderen vechten een ongelijke strijd met alcoholisme, familiaal geweld, sociaal isolement, heroïneverslaving, en dat in een rauwe, grauwe omgeving. Ze is een tr [...]

    16. Read for college. I didn’t really have high expectations for Paula Spencerso it didn’t really disappoint me. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book whose storyline focuses on an alcoholic’s recovery and its implications for herself and her family. And, in fact, it was interesting to get an insight into an alcoholic’s mind. However, I really didn’t like the writing style and the storyline, in general, didn’t really excite me – I only read it because I had to, otherwise I wouldn’t [...]

    17. What a great writer Roddy Doyle is and yet, strangely, i haven't read many of his books. Paula Spencer, the heroine of the book follows on from her misadventures in "The Woman Who Walked into Doors", a book i own but haven't read yet. Things being as they are and Doyle's writing ability being so awesome, i needed to read the happier ending before dealing with the tougher times. If only real life could be so arranged.By all means read it yourself and enjoy - life as it is lived.

    18. I hate to say it but this book was a disappointment. In The Woman Who Walked into Doors it was like reading Paula's diary or maybe even her thoughts. It was very real and honest. I didn't get any of that from this one. Although it was nice to be able to check up on her and her family again. I just wish it felt more like before.

    19. Twenty years since I'd read the first book and it's good to catch up with Paula Spencer. She's coping on a day to day basis, trying to make up for lost time with her children, trying to make ends meet. Like the first one, its unflinching, but shot through with the usual gritty humour. By the end you do feel that Paula will be alright. She's battered and bruised but not broken.

    20. What a nice book, and so well written. It's about the common people in Britain, and so very human. Paula is a middle class recovering alcoholic single mom with adult kids. Doesn't sound exciting, and it isn't, but the people come alive and stay with you. And where it's funny, it's hilarious.

    21. First I read THE WOMAN WHO WALKED INTO DOORS, which recounted Paula's marriage and difficult family life. In this sequel Paula is facing her negative patterns in an effort to both reconnect with her grown children and start preparing for an empty nest life. As she ruminates over the past and begins to forgive herself, she enters a new phase, being honest with herself, finding bravery and commitment, and at last realizing hope for the future.Recommended for fans of Roddy Doyle, and stories of Ire [...]

    22. This follow-up novel was certainly a fast read. Unfortunately, there were a few things about it that bothered me. First of all, it didn't seem to be the type of sequel that was meant to be read immediately after its predecessor - mostly in the disconnect between the writing styles itself - The Woman Who Walked Into Doors was written in first-person, whereas this was written in third-person. I simply could not imagine a reason as to why Doyle would make that large of a change. Also, this sequel i [...]

    23. Yet ANOTHER fantastic read from Roddy Doyle. This has been the year of Doyle for me- this was the 6th book of his that I've read in 2010. I've very much enjoyed each one, but I feel comfortable saying that Doyle's two novels about the character, Paula Spencer ("The Woman Who Walked Into Doors" and "Paula Spencer") are the best I've read yet. I was blown away by The Woman Who Walked Into Doors and was slightly hesitant about reading its sort-of-sequel (they are both stand alone novels, though I w [...]

    24. Non aggiunge molto all'ormai cospicua bibliografia di Roddy Doyle questa (penultima, credo) opera dello scrittore dublinese DOC: si tratta in qualche modo del seguito di "La donna che sbatteva nelle porte", dura storia di miserie e maltrattamenti domestici nell'Irlanda degli anni '90.Ora la protagonista di quella storia è una vedova quasi cinquantenne post-alcoolizzata (sempre in bilico, però), che lavora duro in un'azienda di pulizie, con 4 figli, fra cui un primogenito ex (?)-tossico e un'al [...]

    25. Paula is a recovering alcoholic. The widow of an abusive husband killed during a botched bank raid several years prior to the year in which the book is set, she is desperately trying to learn how to be a mother again. Two of her four children are fully grown and have left home. The eldest, a daughter, is making a success of her life but still maintains contact with Paula. A son is also grown up, a former heroin addict; he too has left his addiction behind and has a young family. Still living at [...]

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