Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?

Can a Princess Be a Firefighter Two little girls pepper their father with questions about whether or not they can be a profession and still be a princess Motivated by her granddaughter s fascination with all things princess Carole

  • Title: Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?
  • Author: Carole P. Roman Mateya Arkova
  • ISBN: 9781530361847
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two little girls pepper their father with questions about whether or not they can be a profession and still be a princess Motivated by her granddaughter s fascination with all things princess, Carole P Roman penned this adorable poem celebrating all the wonderful possibilities waiting ahead for them

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      446 Carole P. Roman Mateya Arkova
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    One thought on “Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?”

    1. This book is perfect for young girls. I'd even say that it's great for boys. Everyone needs to forget the stereotypes so that young minds can think anything they want and become anyone they want. I love the conversation this book inspired with my daughter afterwards. She told me she was going to be a firefighter, ballerina, acrobat, chef, astronaut. Roman's books are food for the growing mind, really enriching them and supporting their growth.

    2. Anyone who has a young daughter or granddaughter in today's world knows how affected she can be by the marketing pitches on television and in stores. Despite all the changes over my lifetime, there is still that PINK aisle in the store that pulls as though magnetized. This book provides an antidote to the slow poison that seeps into a young girl's blood, convincing her that options are limited and roles pre-established. The artwork is fun and the words promote endless dreaming and healthy discus [...]

    3. Reviewed by Paola (age 9) for Reader Views (12/16)“Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?” by Carole P. Roman, all started with two little girls who were curious to know if princesses could be firefighters. Their Dad explained to both girls all the possible occupations that he knew. The girls enjoyed and played all of them, making sure they would ask all questions about a doctor to a constructor, to a dancer and so on.It is a very cute story in which the dad helps the girls understand what they co [...]

    4. A great book for a starter reader. To implant the idea early that yes, a girl can be whatever she wants to be AND maintain her princess-hood status!Simple story with fantastic illustrations- i bet it becomes a favorite for females of all ages.

    5. A great book for the young girls in your life and a reminder to encourage them as they grow. In the style of a nursery rhyme, but more importantly a you can do it message. In a world where women still strive to reach equality in pay and position it is imperative young women be given the opportunities and young men should be encouraged to assist their female friends in their efforts. Though I’ve seen great progress in this respect, having worked with and worked for some women who were equal to [...]

    6. Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? is a darling story about dreaming big, all while wearing your princess crown.Two little girls are greatly concerned about losing their princess status when they grow up, but their dad reassures them no matter what their future holds, they will always be princesses to him.Written in delightful verse, Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? is a sweet tale that little princesses everywhere will want to hear again and again. The bright and colorful illustrations are engagi [...]

    7. I loved this book! Every mother or father should read it to there daughter! this is what we should be teaching the young girls of today that they can be what every they want to be!

    8. There's so much to appreciate about this book. I enjoyed the rhyming text, imaginative illustrations, and the positive twist on the princess narrative. My one major quibble is the glaring absence of diverse characters. Once again, the princess story, though enlightened, still lacks non-white protagonists, making it a real missed opportunity.

    9. Awesome! As a father of a young girl, it's important that you show them that no job or task is too hard or too far out of their reach! Bravo

    10. When a child asks her parent if a princess can be a firefighter, she is offered many occupational suggestions, some of which are roles usually thought of to be filled by men. Judges, dentists, cowpokes, mimes and more, cause the little girl to question which of the many endless occupations she could fill when she is old enough. What worries her the most is that she may have to retire her fairy wings in order to fulfil certain roles, such as a lawyer, construction worker or crime-fighter. With so [...]

    11. This is a beautiful book for children, written in poetry style. Although the story is about a little girl (princess), it is a story for all children to understand that they are special. This book was well published, and beautifully illustrated.

    12. Really enjoyed this story about how you can grow up to be whatever you want.***I won a free copy of this book in a giveaway***

    13. I received this book from the first reads giveaway. My daughter and I loved this book. The illustrations were great, and the story was easy to follow along with. I enjoyed getting to point to the characters and describe what each job did, and the book had the wonderful message that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it, and you can do as many things as you want. I liked that it encouraged kids not to limit themselves to doing just one thing. This is the second book my daughter [...]

    14. I'm so glad that my kids are growing up in a time that they can be anything that they want to be! A firefighter, a dancer or mechanic, it doesn't mattere world is theirs to conquer! I don't want my children believe that their gender will limit their choices."Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?" is the latest book by Carle P. Roman. It follows two little girls as their father answers the all important question, "Can a princess be a firefighter?"."Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?" teaches our childre [...]

    15. All young girls are to a large extent princesses, they can imagine a lot and take themselves many places and do many things. The ability to imagine and act out is an important one, for it engages their minds and bodies in mental and physical growth. It is just as inevitable that they will also grow up and enter the world of adulthood and be forced into seeking gainful employment. The question then becomes, what career paths can a grown princess enter? The answer is just about any career is open [...]

    16. Can a Princess Be a Firefighter is an inspiring book children will love, as well as adults. In this picture book, two little girls ask their father what can they be when they grow up. The father (narrator) then goes on to explain various professions the girls can be. They ask if they can still be a princess and wear their wings while being all these things. The answer is beautiful and profound.I grew up in the 80’s and I remember asking my parents and grandparents this same type of question wh [...]

    17. "Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?" is an empowering picture book written by award-winning author Carole P. Roman; This book encourages little girls to follow their dreams and to become anything they want to be, never to be afraid to change their minds as long as they are happy with what they are doing. It is perfect that Roman starts the book out dedicating the book out to her granddaughter and quoting from Walt Disney; ("If you can dream it, you can do it.").This book lets little girls know the [...]

    18. Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? is the beautiful story of a little girl obsessed with being a princess but asking questions about other professions; would she have to be one or the other?. The story then explains that she can be a firefighter as well as a princess or any other profession she chooses, and why stick to one; why not be a princess who also fights fires, or practices law, or healing the sick etc…This book is a great read with a great message that you do not have to fit into stereo [...]

    19. About the Book:Two little girls pepper their father with questions about whether or not they can be a profession and still be a princess. Motivated by her granddaughter's fascination with all things 'princess, ' Carole P. Roman penned this adorable poem celebrating all the wonderful possibilities waiting ahead for them.My Review: Daddies and their daughters, there is nothing like a daddy's love for his daughters and in the case of this book titled, Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? the author tak [...]

    20. Two sweet girls ask their father if they can still be a princess no matter what else they decide to be. As he looks down at them he reassures them that no matter what they decide to be, a dancer, reporter, doctor, or construction worker, they have many choices. He reminds them that they can always change their mind and their choices are limitless. As long as they are happy, they can be whatever they want to be and wear their wings too.This is a sweet story that I know our daughter would have lov [...]

    21. Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?Absolutely!! A princess can be whatever she wants to be! There are so many options out there and you may even want to be two or three! Don't let anybody limit your dreams." -Carole P. Roman, Can a Princess Be a Firefighter, p.30.What an amazing book for youngsters. This book seems to feature two little girls who may be sisters. As they play dress up, these girls ask what could they be and do they have to give up being a princess?Indeed this is a great question ask [...]

    22. I read this with my 6 year old daughter, she loved it. The message that you can be anything you want to be in life. You can even be more than one thing, important thing is that your happy doing it!I loved this book, opening there are two little girls that ask what could be their dad or their mom depending on who you want it to be (face of adult not shown), if they can a princess be a firefighter? The adult character tells them they can be anything and list lots of fun jobs, the most important th [...]

    23. n a dreamy, pastel colored world for two little girls that imagine themselves as every job under the moon and why shouldn’t they? As they are encouraged by an accompanying adult to keep dreaming and never stop. For children it is pretty common to envision themselves of having many jobs when they become an adult. Jobs like being a veterinarian and artist or a princess and a firefighter. Even though as an adults we change the careers we wished to have or only work one career. Adults know we can [...]

    24. Can A Princess Be A Firefighter is a cute little story of two little girls who question if they can still be a firefighter while being a princess! While playing dress up one day, these two young girls ask their parent if they can be something other than a princess and the parent tells them they can do anything as long as they are happy doing their job! With the girls satisfied with that, the parent reminds them that they will always be a little princess to them.I really liked this book that show [...]

    25. CAN A PRINCESS BE A FIREFIGHTER? by Carole P. Roman was a very skillfully and interestingly done children's book filled with careers of all kinds for which children can have fun discussing and making up their own minds about when they grow up. The possibilities are limitless. The illustrations by Marteya Arkova are wonderful for parents and inquisitive children to look at and talk about, and ask questions about too. Yes, and even a little princess can talk about what they want to be when they g [...]

    26. I would like to thank the author, Carole P. Roman, for giving me a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? has a great message, as illustrated by the following text: "Don't let anybody limit your dreams. You are smart, talented, sweet, and kind". (p 30)This book provides a way for parents and educators alike to start a conversation with young readers about their future endeavors. The story itself is well done, but my attention was negatively pulled aw [...]

    27. We got the book on April 4th and my daughter insisted that we had to read the princess book right away. She loved the journey of jobs that the book too her through as well as the thought that just because you have a career doesn't mean you can't be a princess. The book also teaches young girls that they should have a job that they love. Which I think is a great lesson because having a job you love helps you lead a happier life. Although the book is about princess and girls even a young boy can l [...]

    28. This book is told in beautiful prose and teach important lessons of dreams and adventures. Written by Carol P. Roman, author of the If you were me and lived in… series as well as the Captain No Beard series and beautifully illustrated by Mateya Arkova. Can a Princess be a Firefighter? is a parent talking to his little girls about how she can be anything she wants to be. Any job she wants or even two as well as she does what she loves and enjoys. And no matter what job she does, she will always [...]

    29. We received this book to give an honest review.I think this book is perfect for little girls. A and I have read it twice before I planned on writing a review. In this story two little girls want to know if they can be different things as well as a princess. Which of course we all know you can be. A really liked the different jobs as we got to see different pictures of the girls dressed up and she would name what they were dressed as. A decided she wants to be a dentist and a painter which I love [...]

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