Take Me to Your Heart Again

Take Me to Your Heart Again Tensions between three sisters divided by life and love are about to spill over into all out conflict It is and the world is at war The eldest of the Redcliffe sisters Isobel impulsive and id

  • Title: Take Me to Your Heart Again
  • Author: Marius Gabriel
  • ISBN: 9781503936539
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tensions between three sisters, divided by life and love, are about to spill over into all out conflict.It is 1942 and the world is at war The eldest of the Redcliffe sisters, Isobel, impulsive and ideological, strives to make herself heard in a world distracted by violence But her ambitious new path is strewn with obstacles, not least a private scandal that threatens toTensions between three sisters, divided by life and love, are about to spill over into all out conflict.It is 1942 and the world is at war The eldest of the Redcliffe sisters, Isobel, impulsive and ideological, strives to make herself heard in a world distracted by violence But her ambitious new path is strewn with obstacles, not least a private scandal that threatens to become public Optimist Chiara has had to grow up fast, to set aside teenage dreams and make way for the unexpected realities of adulthood but who can she count on for help Meanwhile Felicity has challenges of a spiritual nature will her journey of self discovery lead her away from the convent she thought was her calling Separated by distance and war, Isobel, Chiara and Felicity must learn to confront life s challenges with passion, strength and unity Because family is the tie that binds tightest of all.This is the second title in the Redcliffe Sisters series and follows on from Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye.

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    One thought on “Take Me to Your Heart Again”

    1. It got off to a good start, but I couldn't finish it because of the content. I just prefer not to read books with language and sexual content. I didn't read very far in, so I didn't rate it. Seemed like a good book except for the content.

    2. I really enjoyed the first book in this series and had been looking forward to catching up with the three Redcliffe sisters again. I have to comment on the covers of the novels in this series, they really are such great quality, very attractive and eye-catching.There is absolutely no doubt that this author really can tell a great story, despite the fact that this is the second in a series, it would read very well as a standalone novel as the author expertly weaves the character's back stories in [...]

    3. Loved this book. It picks up where Book 1 ends and follows the sisters through their romances, separations, surviving the Blitz and the war in Egypt. Each sister has separate lives but they stay in touch through thick and thin. Even when Isabelle sleeps with Chiara’s lover, they manage to survive. You have to read it to appreciate the nuances of the author and to see how he weaves the WWII conflicts into the story. Both books are essential together. You don’t get the full picture until you f [...]

    4. A decent sequel, if you can get past the nonsense at the beginning. (view spoiler)[What the heck is up with the timeline? The first book ended at the dock with Felicity leaving for Cairo, AFTER the bombing of Chiara's home and the revelation about Oliver & Isobel. So how is this one starting with Chiara on the phone with Felicity in Cairo, telling her about said bombing and betrayal as if hadn't happened before Felicity left? (hide spoiler)]

    5. Disappointing because of the explicit sexual content-if 100 pages of that would have been left out it would have been a four star. I found that I had to skip over 100 pages in the Egypt section because there was no story line just nudity and voyeurism.If you read the first book you will want to read this also but skip over most of the chapters about Cairo.

    6. Held my attention to the end. Besides getting into each sisters lives, a window into the ww2 happenings and that in the end the pasts forgiven, family live and respect prevailed Usually Im needing the next book.This writer brought them all back together. no need for another book to keep a story going

    7. Take Me To Your Heart AgainThis was an excellent continuation of the story Wish Me Luckere is great characterization detail as well as the most interesting stories of three sisters, the men in their lives and their survival skills as well as the drama, falling apart and the reconciliation to bring these sisters together.

    8. A Worthy SequelThis sequel held up to the first book. The editing/proofreading was much improved, but still not great. I learned a lot about not only England during WWII, but Egypt as well. I recommend this book to those who enjoy history, romance, and some surprises.

    9. FabulousThis was a great series . I love the Radcliffe sisters wish he would write a book three to continue on the great story and answer some of the questions left at the end of this book!! Loved it!!!

    10. Nice EndingGood sequel to Book 1. Likeable characters. Good WWII story continued from Book 1 in the series. I loved how it ended.

    11. I received a free copy of this book via a Giveaway in exchange for my honest review.Take Me To Your Heart Again (The Redcliffe Sisters Book 2) by Marius Gabriel felt amazingly real. It was a beautifully written story.

    12. Tensions between three sisters, divided by life and love, are about to spill over into all-out conflict. It is 1942 and the world is at war. The eldest of the Redcliffe sisters, Isobel, impulsive and ideological, strives to make herself heard in a world distracted by violence. But her ambitious new path is strewn with obstacles, not least a private scandal that threatens to become public. Optimist Chiara has had to grow up fast, to set aside teenage dreams and make way for the unexpected realiti [...]

    13. WAs good story of 3 sisters, a good story of life in World War 11. So many people do not realize what life was like in Great Britain during that time. Thanks for the good read.

    14. The Saga of the beautiful Redcliffe sisters continues.I received this book via ARC from Netgalley. Thank you to Netgalley.I read the preceeding novel and liked it very much. (I have left a review).This time the author outdoes himself. This one's a scorcher! It has all the details to provide a page turning read. Love, sex, intrigue with a bit of pathos thrown in!The year is 1942, and the sisters have moved on. Chiara was betrayed by the man she loves and receives an unexpected farewell gift from [...]

    15. I would like to thank for providing this book for review.Take Me to Your Heart Again is Marius Gabriel's second novel featuring the Redcliffe sisters. Isobel, the oldest, treats life as a lark. Chiara lost everything in the blitz and now finds herself pregnant and alone. Felicity has given up her dream of being a nun. She now works as a clerk in Cairo, which is preparing for for an invasion by Rommel's Afrika Corps.These women are bound to each other as sisters, but distances, both physical and [...]

    16. I won this book in a first reads. This is a kindle version. "Take Me To Your Heart Again" is the second in a series. It is about the Redcliffe sisters. I never read the first book . I can tell by this book that it often refers to what happened with the Redcliffe sisters. Yet I could still read this and get what is going on with the family. It takes place in 1942 most of the book is in London during the War. The London part focuses on Chiara and Isobel. While the part in Cairo focuses on younges [...]

    17. This novel continues on where we left the Radcliffe sisters. It’s 1942 and Isobel has changed course again – politically and romantically. Chiara has lost the love of her life to Isobel, and is determined to make it on her own except there is a “bump” in the road. And former nun Felicity has taken life by the horns and is expecting all the life she missed in her youth in the convent. The sisters find a few surprises along the way – and new loves come their way. I truly enjoyed the seco [...]

    18. I received his book as a Good reads Giveaway in Kindle format.This book is about 3 sister in London and Egypt during WWII in the year 1942.Each sister has very different life goals and unfortunately sometimes those goals hurt each other. I enjoyed that the characters were sensual sexual beings not just prim and proper ladies. The story came to life by toggling between narrators. I enjoyed the authors intimate knowledge of the locations in which he wrote. Great writing and most definitely a wonde [...]

    19. I won this kindle book on good readsSince it was a second part in the seriesI bought the first part and read it too.Have to admit I really enjoyed both booksThe 3 main characters3 sisters were interestingmetimes they made me mad they way they actedt being nice to each otherke they hated each otherwell at the end they all ended together .The story take you to all different places through Europe and Egypteach sister has their own pathOverall it was really great readAnd I'm wondering if there would [...]

    20. Despite being the second book in a series, this book could easily be a stand alone. All the context is given to complete the narrative. It was a fast paced book, moving quickly through the story and sisters. I found it a little too dramatic at parts with the romance, pregnancies and other things going on. It felt a bit like a soap opera set in the 1940s. That being said, it was easy to get sucked in and want to know how the story will end (and I can easily imagine a next book with so much going [...]

    21. This is book 2 in the series dealing with the Redcliffe sisters. It picks up their lives with Chiara dealing with an unexpected bump in the road, Felicity living her life in Cairo (in the fast lane), and Isobel wanting to change politics in Britain. His research on WWII is once again spot on, as is with all his previous books. The lead female characters are so well constructed that it is impossible not to believe that the author has some sort of secret insight into the female psyche.As I said af [...]

    22. I read the first novel in this series and think it helped because I had a basis for understanding these three complicated sisters. They aren't always nice to each other or anyone else for that matter but they are definitely interesting. Gabriel has a nice writing style and a good sense for women. I'm hoping he will take us further with the Redcliffes in another book. THanks to netgalley for the ARC. You will like this if you enjoy historical fiction set in the UK - especially during the lead up [...]

    23. A brilliantly vivid second Redcliffe Sisters storySet during wartime Europe and Egypt, the three sisters have become estranged. They have new adventures in love, politics and experience the terror of the second world war in different ways. Strong new characters abound including an Egyptian king and a famous war artist. Very clever plot and a really good read.June Finnigan - Writer

    24. Great 2nd book!Great to meet up with the same characters again to see how they're getting on.The 1st book was very thought provoking it often made me think about what times were like during the war and the sacrifices people made.In this book it's more about character development brought about by war conditions. The characters grow up. You learn about war time in Egypt and get a flavour for what air raids were like in London.

    25. I could not put it downThese two books were so good, well written with clarity and great understanding of human nature told through the differing decisions his characters make throughout their lives. Each sister follows her own course whilst maintaining a love/hate relationship with each other along the way. The background of the Spanish and WWII is well researched and given in an informative yet entertaining style.

    26. This was a difficult book for me to read. It's about 3 sisters (which I am very familiar with!) and I was hoping I would love it. I did enjoy parts but parts I found hard to follow and , honestly, plain boring. I was tempted to give up on it several times. My Mother always said.if you can't say anything nice Don't say anything at all. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read an advance copy for my honest review.

    27. Great bookThese two books are so well written that you can't tell reality from friction and and writer has done a thorough research on the war in different countries. Every thing is spot on. The lives of the three sisters is heartbreaking. They each made drastic decisions, fight , hate each other but in the end they find their way back to each other.Anyone who love reading as much as I do, these are the two books to.

    28. I received this book as a giveaway (which I love).I found this book to be entertaining, with the descriptions, it placed me back in the time of the War. However, the ending third of the book seemed to drag out a bit, and seemed to become dull.I have no regrets after reading this book, and am glad that I did.

    29. I won this book on giveaways. I liked the book generally but there was nothing that made it special. I can't say any character spoke or connected to me and parts seems predictable. But there's nothing that I can point out specifically as wrong with it.

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