The Rook

The Rook An arsonist has struck a top secret research facility at a key US naval base But it s not just a random terrorist attack These people were after something specific When Special Agent Patrick Bowers is

  • Title: The Rook
  • Author: Steven James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An arsonist has struck a top secret research facility at a key US naval base But it s not just a random terrorist attack These people were after something specific When Special Agent Patrick Bowers is called in to investigate, he is drawn into a deadly web of intrigue and deception With his own criminology research being turned against him and one of the world s most dAn arsonist has struck a top secret research facility at a key US naval base But it s not just a random terrorist attack These people were after something specific When Special Agent Patrick Bowers is called in to investigate, he is drawn into a deadly web of intrigue and deception With his own criminology research being turned against him and one of the world s most deadly devices missing, Bowers is caught up in a race against time to stop an international assassin before it s too late.Full of fast paced action and mind bending plot twists, The Rook is an adrenaline laced page turner that will keep readers up all night Book 2 in the Bowers Files, this riveting look into the criminal mind is the perfect follow up to James s well reviewed The Pawn.

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    • ê The Rook || Ê PDF Read by ↠ Steven James
      108 Steven James
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    One thought on “The Rook”

    1. Imagine my surprise after reading all the Patrick Bower series by Steven James and in wanting to write a review of the books, to discover that this series is labeled as being published by a Christian publisher, as well as authored by a Christiango, the Patrick Bowers series is labeled Christian Fiction. I'll tell you this, as an atheist, I didn't have a clue (not even a suspicion) of this throughout my reading of these novels.Now, now, I am not implying that good Christian fiction doesn't exist! [...]

    2. Quick review:Cover: Fitting Rating:R Thumbs Up:4Overall: EntertainingCharacters: Well Written Plot: A killer with no threshold for painPage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: PatrickSUMMARY (50 words or less)This is the second book in a series. You could start here, but I would start from the beginning. It was a solid read that kept me interested in reading. I wasn’t however fooled as to the who, what, why and where. Too bad.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog [...]

    3. As I'm working my way through rereading this series, I've been getting to see anew all the little things I love about it. In The Rook, I loved how Patrick and Tessa, his stepdaughter, continue to build and grow their relationship in the midst of difficulties. I also thought that the case Patrick was working on was very complex and the villain(s) was/were hard to guess!All in all, a great thriller! I recommend it if you enjoy thrillers and can handle intense/gruesome reads.

    4. during half of this book I thought I may have been reading one of sandford's Lucas davenport novels. however james makes bowers a character that maybe has similarities but is very different and the second half had enough twists and turns to make this a very enjoyable "beach read" I look forward to reading more Bowers stories

    5. Originally posted at The Scribbling SpriteOkay, so now I've read only the first two books in the Patrick Bowers Files, and it's already one of my favorite series. As soon as I finished the Pawn I had to rush to the library to get the Rook. It soared above and beyond my expectations(which were very high).Just like The Pawn, The Rook had me hooked from the first page. It kept me guessing; the end had me completely shocked.Again, I love the characters. While it's mostly from Patrick's point of view [...]

    6. This is the second book in the Patrick. Bowers series. Having really liked the fist in this series, I was very excited to start book number two. There was a lot going on in this book, for me, way too many characters, and I was getting a little confused at times. I did stick with it, and even glazed over some of it. In other words, was glad that the book ended. This is a continuation series, so the end of this book is now the beginning of the next. Even though I was not really happy with this boo [...]

    7. As usual, Steven James has penned a compelling read in THE ROOK. I'm pretty sure he's made it onto my list of "auto-buy authors" because if his incredible talent for bringing together an intricate and intriguing plot. The only reason I didn't give this one 5 stars (which, here on GoodReads means "it was amazing!") is because at times the pace started to feel a bit drawn out. It's not a gripe or a complaint. It could've just been me and my antsy nature. And I really love Patrick Bowers stepdaught [...]

    8. After reading 'The Pawn' I couldn't wait to read this thriller & I wasn't disappointed. Steven James is great at writing books that hold my attention throughout the entire book.Patrick Bower's step-daughter, Tessa, is a vegetarian/vegan for humane reasons, which I found interesting since I am a vegan. 'The Rook' is filled with twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end. Throughout this book I tried to figure out who 'Shade' was, but without success.The ending of 'The Rook', wow, it [...]

    9. I'd just like to say that Steven James has great talent for creating and drawing out suspense. And I like his characters, too. I think Tessa might be my favorite. :)

    10. This is a great series.didn't know the "who done it" until the end.arted the next book and think I'm going to take a break and read something not dealing with death and murder. But will start the next book soon! Great series so far!

    11. When I reviewed Steven James’ debut novel, The Pawn, I hesitated giving it five stars because I wanted to leave room in case the author proved to be more than a one hit wonder. I give The Rook four and a half stars only because I know, The Knight comes out in September. I feel quite sure this writer has several more turns at bat in his career!Special Agent Patrick Bowers returns along with his hard-to-love-hard-to-hate stepdaughter, Tessa. I mention her in the same sentence with Patrick becaus [...]

    12. One of the benefits of coming across an author who’s written several good books is you don’t have to wait a year between readings. This is how I feel about Steven James novels. Several months ago I read The Pawn, which I loved. I would’ve read the next in the series, The Rook, the next day, but I try not to let one writer’s voice influence my own. Now after reading this book, it’s tempting to break my rule and read the next in the series, The Knight.Each stand alone book has the same p [...]

    13. Patrick Bowers has taken his step-daughter Tessa with him to San Diego to work on a series of arsons. Tessa and Pat are still trying to work out a relationship as father/daughter. Tessa is 17 and wanting independence, but with the work that Patrick does he knows the evil that is out there waiting for young women.The arson cases and a government secret soon collide with each other and has the FBI and local authorities working against the clock to find a woman who only has hours left to live.Lien- [...]

    14. I received this book as a review copy from the publisher. "The Rook" was a well-written, fast-paced forensic/detective thriller. This is the second Patrick Bowers novel, but you don't need to read the first book, "The Pawn," to understand what's going on in this one.The first novel had a very well-written "who-done-it" element (which I loved), but this book was more a thriller with a good dose of romance. While still a bit dark, "The Rook" wasn't as gruesome as "The Pawn." The crimes and crime s [...]

    15. I didn't like #2 as well as I liked #1 & #3. This story didn't flow quite as easily as the others and it had a more "techno" type plot that didn't really work for me. There were too many people involved in the story and there were some that weren't developed as well as they could have been. Were some of these people involved good, bad, extras? The villians in the other books were very clearly the bad guys. The ending didn't work for me either. It felt sort of forced. I like Tessa as a main c [...]

    16. Book Two of the Patrick Bower series gives us another action packed thriller of a tale, guaranteed to get the heart racing and the late night candle burning (if you can handle the scares that late in the night!). Also another chance to get to know Patrick and his daughter Tessa just a little bit better. Investigating a series of arsons in the city, but with much deeper ramifications with the stealing of a national security weapon being stolen, the tension is palpable. Layer upon layer of plot sl [...]

    17. Suspense; fiction; 2nd book in the Patrick Bowers series. The thing I really enjoy about these books is that I think about topics in the book for several days afterward. Indeed, I am still reviewing in my mind things Mr. James brought up This is a wonderful trait in a book and will keep me reading this author. While the events in the series are a bit unrealistic, I enjoy the ride. Patrick Bowers is flawed, but knows it. Environmental criminology is a super interesting angle and his step-daughter [...]

    18. Since I read his first novel in the Patrick Bowers series and thought it was okay, I thought I would read his second. It was, again, just okay. What FBI agent travels around with his family in tow? And, what an annoying stepdaughter! What FBI agent, or for that matter anyone with a gun, would first take time to destroy "the device" before going to the aid of a fellow agent? What law enforcement agent would wish he could have cuffed the bad guy instead of letting sharks have their way with him? A [...]

    19. Really 2.5 stars. I listened to this book.I am quite disappointed with The Rook. Maybe it is because I was so impressed with The Pawn. For my taste, The Rook spends too much time on character development and not enough on plot. The plot is no where near as engaging as that of The Pawn.

    20. Steven James has built a compelling storyline (Continuing on the story of Patrick Bowers in "The Pawn") based on deep character development, high tech know-how, and being able to convey the fine-line walked between being a criminal and knowing how to catch one. My favorite line in the book is: "Love that's too timid to ache isn't love at all"Can't wait for "The Knight" coming out Summer 2009.

    21. Really enjoyed the book d the author. Had never read Steven James before. Will definitely read more. His writing has a lot of detail, the plot involves a lot of twists and turns. Characters, I think, for the most part, are real.but then I have never personally known an FBI agent or profiler. If you are into thrillers and mysteries, this -- and Steven James -- are a must.

    22. Creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy. Very good, of course, but very creepy. It was a little darker than the first book, and I got somewhat annoyed that there was Danger! on every side, and in every B plot, but good. I might need to take a break and get some lighter reading in before I attempt the next book in the series.

    23. Taking turns between creepy, intense, heart-breaking, and (to a lesser degree) light-hearted, The Rook is a great follow-up to The Pawn. I'm interested to see where Mr. James takes the story from here; the ending definitely leaves room for a sequel, so my curiosity is piqued.

    24. I'm getting a little put out that this author has no trouble in describing despicable acts of violence but allows no cussing or sex in his writing. One reviewer mentioned that he was a "Christian" author. I don't understand this thought process

    25. 4.4 -- This was another dark and disturbing but interesting and suspenseful book. I will continue listening to books in this series, but I think I need to listen to lighter, happier fare for a bit before starting the next book in the series.

    26. Another great story from Steven James! Although I liked the first one a bit more, this one kept me on the edge of my seat as well. I look forward to getting my hands on the next in the series.

    27. #2 Patrick Bowles book in which an arsonist strikes top-secret research facility at a key US naval base in San Diego.

    28. Years ago my book club read Steven James’ first novel, The Pawn. We had varied opinions — scary, creepy, nightmare-inducing . . . . Some did not even finish it because it was too intense. I had forgotten all that when I chose the audiobook of The Rook, the second in the Bowers Files series, for my daily walks. While it didn’t produce bad dreams, it was scary, creepy, chilling, and perhaps a bit too real. I really liked it. It made me think. However, if you are the least bit squeamish or ha [...]

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