Homely Girl: A Life

Homely Girl A Life Brilliant short fiction from the Pulitzer Prize winning dramatist and one of the th century s greatest writers All three prose works in Homely Girl A Life demonstrate all the insight precision an

  • Title: Homely Girl: A Life
  • Author: Arthur Miller Louise Bourgeois
  • ISBN: 9780935875102
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Brilliant short fiction from the Pulitzer Prize winning dramatist and one of the 20th century s greatest writers All three prose works in Homely Girl, A Life demonstrate all the insight, precision, and greatness of spirit of Miller s classic plays.

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    • Best Read [Arthur Miller Louise Bourgeois] ç Homely Girl: A Life || [Fantasy Book] PDF ☆
      448 Arthur Miller Louise Bourgeois
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    5. Whilst I am rather a big fan of Arthur Miller's plays, Plain Girl, which I purchased from Books for Amnesty in Cambridge back in April, was the first of his prose works which I had read. It seemed a fitting tome to read in the current climate; its blurb states that the novella (or, arguably, the extended short story) 'is a beautifully crafted account of a quest for personal fulfilment against a backdrop of world crisis'. Rather than the threat of Trump and the havoc which he is already wreaking, [...]

    6. This is a short novella snipped into 6 parts where the first part is half the novella's length and it's the one I liked the least. Plain girl is about, well Janice, a plain girl, set in 40s - 50s America. What she has going for her is her search for happiness and her promiscuity. Although details about her are sparse as there's too much going on in this short text - multiple conversation about fascism and communism, several lovers - it's hard to then connect with Janice, although on all account [...]

    7. Politiquices à parte - que este livro também se debruça sobre o tema - esta é a história de uma mulher que passa a maior parte da vida saltitando entre relações inconstantes , em busca da sua independência, de um sentido para a vida, e claro, do amor. Daquele amor grandioso, que no fundo todos buscamos. Da pessoa especial que a olhasse de dentro para fora e não a fizesse sentir-se avaliada e julgada. E encontrou. Na pessoa de um cego, que a "olhou" e a "viu" como nenhum até ali.E depoi [...]

    8. "Tudo era sentimento, nada era claro." Um conto deliciosamente envolvente e divertido, que se adapta ao nosso tempo como uma luva. Janice é uma mulher a transportar nos nossos corações, com todaa a sua honestidade, frontalidade, tristeza e humor contagiante. Esta história pertence-lhe, pois é através dos seus olhos que vemos o retrato das relações com os homens da sua vida, no mundo complexo que a rodeia.Definitivamente não é uma boa leitura para curar insónias, mas antes um aperitivo [...]

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    14. Janice Sessions, a Jewish New Yorker, feels limited by her plain looks. To compensate, she seeks out the company of other men when her communist husband goes to war. The woman is flawed and sexually promiscuous but her dalliances do little to satisfy her. They divorce, and in post-war New York, she discovers her independence, eventually finding fulfillment with a musician, himself physically flawed, whom she marries and lives with until he dies in his sixties.The story is slight dwelling on her [...]

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    21. Novella about a young woman in NYC in the 1930s - 1970s searching for meaning in her life. Basically she is not successful until the end of the book. It is a story which meanders a bit, and doesn't seem to have a point. Perhaps that is intentional so that the reader feels like the main character who also doesn't seem to have a point to her life. What is interesting to me is reading something else by Arthur Miller. It is fairly well written, but not really a story that has tension or drama. I sup [...]

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