Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground She died Chessie said She died rose and nearly died again She comes The crows know her the crows guide her She follows the sound of a crying child She follows the drag of un kept promises on her he

  • Title: Hallowed Ground
  • Author: Steven Savile David Niall Wilson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She died, Chessie said She died, rose, and nearly died again She comes The crows know her the crows guide her She follows the sound of a crying child She follows the drag of un kept promises on her heart Chessie Hallowed Ground They came in the night with their creak wheeled wagons and patchwork tents, rolling down through the gulch and up the other side to She died, Chessie said She died, rose, and nearly died again She comes The crows know her the crows guide her She follows the sound of a crying child She follows the drag of un kept promises on her heart Chessie Hallowed Ground They came in the night with their creak wheeled wagons and patchwork tents, rolling down through the gulch and up the other side to pitch camp In Rookwood, they called it Dead man s Gulch, and in Rookwood, names were important If you walked too far through that God forsaken, dust drowned ditch, you were bound to drag your boots through bones If you felt something sharp dig into your heel, it could be a tooth taking a last bite of something hot and living The Deacon stood in silent shadows watching their progress, occasionally glancing up into the pale, inadequate light of the waning moon When a man known only as The Deacon set up camp outside Rookwood, a murder of crows took to unnatural, moonlit flight The crows came to Rookwood trouble soon to follow Things were already strange in that God forsaken town, but no one could have predicted the forces and fates about to meet in a dust bowl clearing in the desert A Preacher A Demon An Angel A Gunslinger.A bargain with the darkness was signed in blood, and broken, and as such deals usually do, it went south Now the fate of lost lovers, faith healers, ancient Gods and the Devil himself collide in a circle of wagons tended by the damaged and deformed, the saved and the shorn There s a power come to Rookwood, and this one horse town is about to be transformed Such deals are only made and broken on Hallowed Ground.From Steven Savile, International bestselling author of Silver, The Last Angel, and The Sufferer s Song, and David Niall Wilson, Bram Stoker Award winner David Niall Wilson, author of Deep Blue, This is My Blood, Heart of a Dragon, comes a tale of the old west, magic, enlightenment and damnation readers have said is like Stephen King s The Gunslinger meets Daniel Knauf s Carnivale.

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    • Free Read [Thriller Book] æ Hallowed Ground - by Steven Savile David Niall Wilson ✓
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    One thought on “Hallowed Ground”

    1. Hallowed Ground doesn't have a new theme and it doesn't introduce anything new. What it does manage is to take an old theme of selling one's soul for any number of reasons and make it as great as possible.It is best to start reading this story not knowing anything about it. Then you will feel as one of the participants. It is told from three sides. We have The Deacon's view, who set up a camp near Rookwood with his flock of deformed misfits, then Creed's, who lives in Rookwood, and Balthazar's, [...]

    2. Ok, I thought it was specifically the addled sleep deprived brain I'm wearing today, but having read some other reviews on GR, I can see I'm not alone in being overwhelmed into underwhelmingness. In other (grammatically correct) words this is what happens when too many ingredients go into one pot. Mind you, this is a good book, original, atmospheric, very well written, but it simply has too much going on, too many characters, too many directions, motivations, personalitiesuntil it starts to affe [...]

    3. My overall thoughts on this supernatural western is that it is a dense, well thought out, and rich exploration of mythology, biblical themes, and solid western lore. The mood was definitely dark, but interestingly it was not horrific or overly gory, as it may have been in the hands of less adept authors. Despite this, there was no sense that the authors had pulled punches and thereby made a less powerful or hard hitting narrative. All the grit was there, believe me! However, I feel the story nee [...]

    4. Overall, this was an okay book. I'm not huge into Western themes, but I think was rather decent considering. I would have liked to have been able to guess at what would happen, but the authors really kept to themselves several key points, so I kind of felt like I was being dragged along in the plot. (view spoiler)[I figured out the sisters, but only because I played Columns enough as a kid that Lachesis, Atropos and Clothos were extremely familiar to me. (hide spoiler)] Also, not a whole lot hap [...]

    5. Great characters, well developed in a fast moving western tale of love lost, bargains made, conjured angels and demons, otherworldly talismans and revivals. What more could you ask for? Solid 4+ Stars. Highly Recommended.

    6. The saying: "Can't see the forest for the trees." fits this novel extremely well. Savile composes a wonderfully creepy weird western, with an interesting cast of characters who each have their own paths in the story and come together at the very end. And by very end, I mean the very last pages of the book.A lot of reviewers stated that when they read this book they were distracted and thus couldn't give the plot a fair evaluation. While this may be very true, Savile doesn't do them any favors. E [...]

    7. "What in the Hell is going on here?" Provender Creed asks this in one of the final chapters and I felt right there with him. There are a lot of viewpoints in this book, many who only exist for one very short chapter (it took a minute or less to read). That makes it impossible for any character development to happen. At least 75% of the book is telling instead of showing. We are handed judgments of characters and just told how they are which is almost a necessity considering almost no one gets th [...]

    8. It's basically Needful Things in the Wild West. That's the short review of this book by David Niall Wilson and Steven Savile. The book's premise is a mysterious traveler comes to a sleepy little town in the Wild West which is full of secrets, feuds, and hatreds. By the end of the conflict, the town has torn itself apart with the traveler's true supernatural evil having been exposed for the world to see. There's significant differences in the story, especially as it becomes increasingly clear th [...]

    9. First, let me say that I read this book in drips and dribbles. This is a very busy time of the year for me, and I had a lot of incidental things to handle. So, I couldn't give this book the longer stretches of reading time that I think a book like this deserves in order to be properly understood and enjoyed. So, many of you might give it a much higher rating than I did. Okay. Kudos to the author for there being very very very few, if any, grammatical or spelling errors. Also, kudos for putting t [...]

    10. The West is the edge. Life in Rookwood means hanging onto the brink in this one horse town. Before the crows came, nothing happened here. But like a storm, change is coming, whether in the guise of the Deacon, the owl woman, the snake oil doctor or the wife reborn. There is a tale half completed, bargains unfulfilled and the time of reckoning has come. Hallowed Ground takes the backdrop of the Seven Faces of Dr. Lao (with out the excess of humor), the cautionary tale feel of a Gaiman story, as [...]

    11. I actually started this at night a few days ago, and had to put it off, to read it in daylight. It creeped me out, and got my imaginer going full force. Some books affect me like that, skitching around the edges of my subconscious; waiting to climb into my dreams.Starkly arid desert settings, shadowed by a creeping sense of evil erode a reader's comfort, creating a sense of things better left in the shadows. A quiet town, filled with people living unremarkable lives is brought to life when the D [...]

    12. I don't read a lot of what you could classify as weird westerns, but on the occasions I have (i.e Stephen King's The Gunslinger and Gemma Files' Book of Tongues) it's been a thoroughly entertaining experience. And the collaboration of Steve Savile and David Niall Wilson is no exception.Right from the striking cover art by Robert Sammelin, Hallowed Ground promises a blood-soaked, bullet-ridden fable. Usually when there's a pretty gal holding a gun on a book cover, it's urban fantasy, but this is [...]

    13. Another Kindle freebie. This is described as a supernatural Western. I was initially attracted by the cover depicting a female gunslinger, with what might be angel wings behind her back. It is actually quite accurate to the contents, although that character is not introduced early on, and fits the picture only towards the end.The story is set in a geographically vague Land of Western Tropes, in and around the town of Rookwood populated by stock characters and apparently having no viable economy. [...]

    14. I feel that I should have liked this book more than I actually did. It has all the elements in a novel that should make it good: "normal" humans being controlled by powerful mysterious strangers, supernatural elements and creatures, characters that are more gray than black and white. However, for whatever reason, I wasn't pulled into it as much as I could have been.The story starts with a young couple who are in love but being kept apart by some of those powerful strangers. The action then moves [...]

    15. Hallowed Ground is a slow walk on a Sunday afternoon. This is not to say it lacks excitement, action, suspense, and a little horror, because it has all that. Hallowed Ground has the slow western pace of the American Cowboy era, and the authors do an excellent job at infusing that feel. There are page turning sections begging to be turned and other sections that make you go, hmmm, but the overall feel is unhurried, simple, and to be honest, sinister.From the cowboy who makes the initial discovery [...]

    16. "She died," Chessie said. "She died, rose, and nearly died again. She comes. The crows know her – the crows guide her. She follows the sound of a crying child. She follows the drag of un-kept promises on her heart." Not your typical western. Not your typical creepy story either. The author captures your imagination and holds on to it to the very end. There were only a few moments of confusion, but in general, a very understandable and good read. The words flowed, the plot thickened, things in [...]

    17. I didn't mind this story. It seemed somewhat like a Western version of American Gods or similar.It had a good mood to it and several interesting characters, but the way the loose ends tied together didn't necessarily impress me. Motivations were a bit unclear and an additional party was added to the storyline at the last minute in a way that couldn't have been anticipated. Instead of adding clarity to the existing storyline, it just created a totally new element with no time for any development. [...]

    18. Splendidly different!I have read Steven Savile before but this is certainly different. I read so many books, constantly, that I sometimes bore myself with familiarity of choice so I deliberately went for something different and what a lovely surprise it was.I enjoyed the premise of good and evil, though wasn't 100% sure who was which for parts of the book, and what the author was asking me to believe I believed. That is a skill.I happily went along with the characters at a swift pace and though [...]

    19. Provender Creed is something of a renegade and outlaw. He lives in the town of Rookwood, a place that doesn’t cotton much to strangers, but he keeps pretty much to himself. Then, a strange group, led by The Deacon, sets up a tent city near town at the mouth of Dead Man’s Gulch, and life changes for everyone—but most importantly, life changes for Creed.Rookwood was strange before the strangers came, but with them came death and the Devil. Hallowed Ground by Steven Savile and David Niall Wil [...]

    20. I had no idea what I was getting when I picked this book up. I bought it sight unseen as it is the book of the month next month for Watch The Skies.I struggled with this book. I wanted it to be more than it was. There were some interesting characters, but I just wasn't moved by the story. I wanted to be - but the place in my mind for dark and terrifying carnivals has already been occupied. I will say this has given me the desire to revisit "Something Wicked This Way Comes", just in time for Octo [...]

    21. Bizarre and kinda hard to follow in the beginning. When Elizabeth dies her fiancee Benjamin makes a deal with Balthazar to bring her back from the dead. He fails to realize that Balthazar intends for him to take Elizabeth's place, Lilith tries to protect him. Years later the Deacon arrives in Rookwood with his companions of misfits to hold a revival, but the Deacon has a dark purpose. Provender Creed (Benjamin/Remliel) sets out to stop him and Balthazar arrives with Mariah (Elizabeth). The lover [...]

    22. I started out eager to read but by time I got a third if the way through, I just had my kindle read it to me so I could multi task as the story couldn't keep my full attention. As it got to the end the pacepicked up and it got a little more interesting but in the end there were questions that just weren't answered. Where did this last fallen Angel come from? Who really is this owl woman? If there was a sequel, I wouldn't read it

    23. Prose like a bitter acid and a mythology most intriguing. Hallowed Ground is fairly good, although it felt a little short, too. I would give it 3.5 - it's worth four stars, there were elements in the ending that didn't quite come together, didn't quite make sense. I attribute this to a little bit of explanation that was missing. That nagging sense of "wait, then what was that?" drops it down in my book, but otherwise I felt it strong enough.

    24. The western meets the supernatural world. A C&W fantasy that is riveting as it is fantastic. Steve and David have combined to create a world that has the black and white essence of the Western genre with a supernatural spin that combines love, hate, death and existence. Written in a nice easy style, dont be fooled. This book packs a punch!!!

    25. I liked this book, but was unable to concentrate while reading. That had nothing to do with the book & everything to do with a health issue. I wish I could do a better review for it, but I honestly don't remember large parts of it.

    26. This was just an okay book. Really not worth the price I paid for the Kindle version. Should be in their 99 cents price range. The ending is seriously disappointing and the plot is just - eh.

    27. Saddle up and head out into the Weird West in a book that will appeal to readers ranging from fans of King's DARK TOWER to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Whedonites.

    28. Not for meVery seldom do i not finish a book, usually read on thru to find if there is something to find worth while, I gave up on this one after 48%.

    29. Something like Lord of the Rings meets The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Similar to King's Dark Tower, but more gritty. Good stuff.

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