Zen Attitude

Zen Attitude It s Tough to Keep Cool When the Heat Is OnJapanese American Rei Shimura finally has a life to be proud of in Tokyo running her own antiques business and living with her Scottish lawyer boyfreind But

  • Title: Zen Attitude
  • Author: Sujata Massey
  • ISBN: 9780060899219
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s Tough to Keep Cool When the Heat Is OnJapanese American Rei Shimura finally has a life to be proud of in Tokyo running her own antiques business and living with her Scottish lawyer boyfreind But when Rei overpays for a beautiful chest of drawers, she s in for the worst deal of her life The con man who sold her the Tansu is found dead, and like it or not Rei s openeIt s Tough to Keep Cool When the Heat Is OnJapanese American Rei Shimura finally has a life to be proud of in Tokyo running her own antiques business and living with her Scottish lawyer boyfreind But when Rei overpays for a beautiful chest of drawers, she s in for the worst deal of her life The con man who sold her the Tansu is found dead, and like it or not Rei s opened a pandora s box of mystery, theft, and murder.Only Rei sees the Tansu as the key It will take a quick wit, fast feet, and above all a Zen Attitude for Rei to discover what a young monk, a judo star, and an ancient scroll have in common, and why her own life hangs in the balance.

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    One thought on “Zen Attitude”

    1. An utterly satisfying, entertaining, and well-crafted mystery novel set in late 1990s Japan. Rei Shimura, Japanese-American, a young, enterprising and adventurous antiques dealer and trader manages to acquire -- after considerable bargaining -- a "tansu", an ancient type of chest from the Edo Period much prized and valued. This proves to be a fateful decision, taking Rei down a path involving murder, theft, brushes with the police, and deceit.

    2. I love this author. Her books are really interesting. This is definitely a fun read if you like Mysteries and/or Japanese culture.

    3. Rei Shimura is half American and half Japanese and lives in Tokyo. She was born in America and recently moved to Japan where she started out teaching English classes, but has recently started her own antique business. She lives with her Scottish lawyer boyfriend in a deluxe apartment. When Rei overpays for a beautiful chest of drawers for a client, she's in for the worst deal of her life. The con man who sold her the tansu is found dead and Rei is headed for a Pandora's box of mystery, theft, an [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. Much better than the first book in this series! This volume is lively and well-paced, with an interesting (if somewhat improbable) plot and nicely drawn characters. Rei Shimura, the Japanese-American antiques dealer protagonist, is so much more engaging now that her obligatory back story is out of the way; I'm looking forward to watching her mature as a woman and a detective. I'm really glad I continued on with this series and am planning to jump right into volume 3.

    5. A really fun read with interesting information on japanese antique furniture and scrolls as well as Zen temple worship.Rei gets herself into some real danger and doesn't know who to trust and her relationship with Hugh is hanging by a thread.

    6. Tohutult põnev jaapani kriminull, mida ei saa käest ära panna. Humoorikas ja ladusalt kirjutatud. Pakub kindlasti huvi kõigile, kellel soov jaapani kultuurist rohkem teada saada.

    7. The author is a very good writer, but I stopped reading the book because I grew more and more annoyed with the protagonist.First off, she doesn't have even a hint of a sense of humor and is always whining and complaining about everything. And though she herself is pretty young and - in typical US West Coast fashion - absolutely underdressed about 80% of the time, she is so ultra-conservative that she can't deal at all with her boyfriend's visiting younger brother who is a little hippie and curre [...]

    8. #2 Rei Shimura mystery seriesRei Shimura's antiques business in Tokyo now has many client. Rei, a Japanese-American woman raised in the U.S is living with Hugh, her Scottish lawyer boyfriend. Rei is happy with the life she's worked so hard to build for herself in Tokyo.Rei locates a rare chest of drawers (a tansu) which a wealthy client wants badly. Rei discovers later she has significantly overpaid for the piece -- worse yet, it may be a fake.The con man who sold Rei the piece is found murdered [...]

    9. Massey is well on her way to making a mark on my favourite author list. This second mystery sees our heroine Rei struggling to keep her new Japanese antique buying business going after she discovers that a chest she has spent oodles of cash on for a client is a fake. The plot is very competent with twists that have you saying "I should have see that" without making you feel cheated. I got a better sense of Japan from this book than from the first, I don't know whether that's because settings lik [...]

    10. A very interesting mystery this time from Sujata Massey, involving an antique chest with a secret history and a series of murders that seem to dog its previous owners. Antiques dealer Rei Shimura finds herself in the middle of the investigation when she purchases the chest on behalf of a client only to discover that it has been tampered with - and people are dying because of it.In addition to the basic mystery plot, there was just way too much ficus on rei's relationship with Scottish lawyer Hug [...]

    11. This is the best book in the series so far. Rei isn't as selfish as usual, she is capable of friendship (her relationship with old Mr Ikeda is quite touching if a bit unbelievable), and I liked the side story of the Iranian guy, refreshingly unstereotypical in this series which is practically built on stereotypes. Plus, I enjoyed the details on Japanese antiques. Rei's boyfriend Hugh was too attentive and too intense to be realistic - but even he had some saving grace, namely his generosity towa [...]

    12. This is the second in the Rei Shimura series this point, Rei has semi-established herself as a high-end antiques dealer in Toyko. When she is sent to find a tansu (cabinet) for a wealthy client, she finds herself swindled by a fake. The salesperson mysteriously dies, and Rei is once again simultaneously investigating a murder, and attempting to avoid her own demise. Her relationship with the Scotsman, hits a rocky patch and I'm hoping that it will be over and done with by the next installment, a [...]

    13. It was quick and somewhat entertaining, somewhat irritating, and somewhat shallow read. I guess I already have a pretty good idea about who the murderer will be after reading two Rei Shimura books (view spoiler)[because Rei seems to regulary stand up for them the most (hide spoiler)]. Which shows that Rei is a saddeningly little developing character. On the other hand, the descriptions of Japanese society and culture in general do still grab the interest of [some, Western?] people and I may cont [...]

    14. Rei Shimura, now working as an antiques dealer, is currently living in Japan with her boyfriend Hugh Glendenning. Chaos enters when his wild younger brother comes to stay. Add to that several killings, kidnappings, and priceless antiquities -- all in some way related to a bridal tansu Rei has just sold. Shimura's books give insight into life and customs in Japan. An added bonus this time is that much of the action and plot involve a Buddhist temple.

    15. This series is really excellent and would be best read in order. i unfortunately read the books out of order due to library availability. I still loved the books and am very sad that there will be no more books in this series. Rei Shimura is the Japanese equivalent of Stephanie Plum for those who enjoy that series by Janet Evanovich.

    16. Never having been to Japan, I don't know how accurate its depiction of modern Japan is, but I love the depiction. Very atmospheric, very interesting characters. The Zen monastery where much of the story takes place is not what I expected of a Zen monastery, so that was very interesting. I identify with Rei Shimura's need for independence.

    17. Really enjoyed this book. It combined several different cultures and looked at many issues including dealing with loved ones relatives to traditional inheritance. The main character, Rei, battled being a part of two different cultures along with trying to be a modern woman in a more traditional arena.

    18. Hyvä dekkari, jonka luin yhteen putkeen pitämättä juurikaan taukoja. Juoni oli aika kekseliäs ja yllättävä ja piti otteessaan ihan loppuun asti. Tosin Hughin veljen sekoittamisen mukaan olisi voinut jättää poiskin. Se, mistä pidin ensimmäisessäkin Shimura-kirjassa, japanilaisen kulttuurin yhdistämisestä dekkarimaailmaan, on tallella. Hyvä kirja ja Rei on miellyttävä tuttavuus henkilöhahmona.

    19. I thought this was an improvement over The Salaryman's Wife but there were some holes and some weird unresolved stuff (and homophobic vibes) that I *really* wanted to not be there, because the sporty daughter was such a great character in so many ways.

    20. I had to read this for school, and thought meh, it something happening in Japan. Well, i was really supprised that the plot was really intriguing and I actually read it happily. It was, as I remember a detective story of some furniture company and there's also subplot of the maincharacters own private life.

    21. This series takes place in Japan, and if you are interested in Japanese antiques, this series is for you. Rei the main character seems to attrack interesting situations where she becomes an investigator even though she has no real detective experience. Following her through the streets and shops of Japan, I feel as though I have returned there.

    22. The second installment of the Rei Shimura series was another enjoyable page turner. Rei is starting out in the antique business & living with Hugh. The purchase of a tansu chest sets off a string of events that leads Rei to a Zen monastery and in danger. The story moves along nicely and keeps you reading to find out if Rei will be able to get out of the latest predicament she finds herself in.

    23. I liked this book, the second of Sujata Massey's Rei Shimura series. It did not hold me as strongly as the first one, but it had many interesting moments, and I learned about the world of antiques in Japan.

    24. This is an early book in the Rei Shimura series. Shimura is a Japanese-American art dealer, living in Tokyo. In this novel, she is hired to find a tansu (a kind of chest). She finds it - or thinks she does - but then lots of complcations ensue.

    25. My first Sujata Massey book was The Salaryman's Wife. I was completely hooked by the story and decided to take on the second book, Zen Attitude. Not a surprise I was hooked too !!! Now I am a Sujata Massey's fan and read all of her books !!!

    26. Tutustuin ensimmäistä kertaa Rei Shimuraan. Oli kyllä mukava piipahtaa Japanissa, mutta jos etsii oikein koukuttavaa murhamysteeriä, pitää etsiä toisaalta. Viihdyttävä on ehkä tätä parhaiten kuvaava sana. Suosittelisin kevyeksi lomalukemiseksi, joka ei mieltä paina nukkumaanmenoaikaan.

    27. I loved this one, too. Books about tansu with false bottoms? They don't get old. Nor does Rei Shimura wearing disguises and lying to the police, her family, and her employers, in the name of justice. Again, I had the killer pegged from early on, though I had my doubts at times.

    28. I enjoy every adventure with Rei. I am sad to learn that the series has ended. I have kept the last one from myself, to prolong that reality. Happy, easy reads, and I feel like I am learning a little bit about other cultures.

    29. Interesting info re Japan. Generally well written. Nice cast of characters but Hugh is a twit and relationship with Rsi does not quite click. Few other interactions also a bit off. Would read more books by this author

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